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Welcome to the Most Valuable Killers. MvK* is now looking to begin a professional, well ran, and organized clan in every sense of the word. We are looking for members who are not only active in game, but also active on our website and related Team MvK* social media such as this website, twitter, youtube and Facebook because that is how every clan (or anything else for that matter) grows. To become a part a gaming history you must first prove that you are worthy of such grand titles. One cannot expect to sit back and feed off of something which had taken years to build, but instead, one must step up and show that they are the best not only with their gun in game but also their minds and attitudes outside Call Of Duty. We need and will only except the best and if you truly are either through gun game or leadership abilities than your name also shall be written on the great wall of gaming history. Welcome to Team MvK Gaming and enjoy your stay and this is the Future.

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Precautions of Joining Team MvK*

Becoming a Most Valuable Killer is going to take not just dedication but showing us that you are wanting to be a member of MvK*. Please make sure you read our "About Us" and the "Code of Conduct".

With that being said, now make sure you have a YouTube Channel, Twitter, and a facebook. Make sure you have those made and have it updated with a profile picture and start leaving comments on our youtube videos, tweets, and facebook posts. This ensures our success and your dedication.

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